Despite the sanctions and political statements, every day EU countries transfer hundreds of millions of euros paying for Russian fossil fuels.

Europeans pay, Putin's regime has money to buy new tanks and missiles, and more and more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

Here you can impose your personal sanctions to stop fueling Putin’s war machine. And save your money. And your health. And our Planet.


Source: Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) analysis based on data from Eurostat and NTSOG and historical trade value and market prices

Once a week, choose your bike over your car to stop fueling Putin’s war machine

Turn off unnecessary electrical devices to stop fueling Putin’s war machine

Lower your heating by 1 degree to stop fueling Putin’s war machine

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Working with energy experts, we have compiled a list of 19 sanctions to reduce fossil fuel imports from Russia

I will reduce my speed on highways by at least 10 km/h
02056 Europeans’ choice
I will avoid business travel when alternatives exist
01574 Europeans’ choice
I will give up my car for at least one day a week
02140 Europeans’ choice
I will turn off the engine when stopping for more than one minute
01970 Europeans’ choice
I will lower heating temperature in my home / workplace
02355 Europeans’ choice
I will correct tyre pressure
01803 Europeans’ choice
I will choose local and organic products
02396 Europeans’ choice
I will cut my showers short
02317 Europeans’ choice
I will limit running time of electrical devices
02090 Europeans’ choice
I will load the washing machine / dishwasher fully
02680 Europeans’ choice
I will work from home when possible
01836 Europeans’ choice
I will reduce amount of water in the kettle to necessary
02433 Europeans’ choice
I will raise the temperature on the air conditioner
00798 Europeans’ choice
I will open a window instead of using the air conditioning in the car
01848 Europeans’ choice
I will not iron my clothes
02250 Europeans’ choice
I will use stairs instead of a lift
02356 Europeans’ choice
I will use hot water only when necessary
02213 Europeans’ choice
I will choose train instead of plane when possible
01500 Europeans’ choice
I will invest in led light bulbs
02462 Europeans’ choice


The war in Ukraine is claiming more and more victims. Many countries and the EU have already imposed numerous sanctions on Putin's regime. Yet we continue to import fossil fuels from Russia: oil, gas and coal, paying Russian companies hundreds of millions of dollars a day. It is not surprising though, as we are not ready for alternative sources of energy now. But the process of change must begin.

We decided not to stand idly by and to use our competences - strategic, communication, advertising - to create a system to trigger individual sanctions.

Today we have a chance not only to stop the war in Ukraine, but also to save our future - reducing emissions and global warming associated with fossil fuel consumption.

All the personal sanctions we propose are based on analyses by Eurostat, the International Energy Agency and leading Polish experts in energy and climate policy.

Main partner of MySanctions campaign is International Advertising Association, Poland.

We invite you to join a community that can make a real impact on war and global warming.

MySanctions Team

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